TJ Jordan, Author – You Can’t Build A House On A Bridge

The bridge is a metaphor for anyone’s life when it’s time to move toward your destiny because your current life is crumbling. The good things of life plus the bad stuff, you need all of it—and a stretch—to reach your dreams and your new value. Be thankful for the good and use the bad stuff as stepping-stones and pavement on your bridge as you walk into your destiny.


Every situation and experience in TJ’s life—good and bad, and then a stretch—was needed to move him to the next stage in his life. As long as we have life, the journey does not stop. Only you can use the bad and good of your life to get you to the next step. Never forget to embrace the good things in life and use the bad experiences as stones to step across the bridge into the next stage of your life.


Your new destiny and value, along with your bridge, are made strong by the hard stuff of life. The hard things become foundational stepping-stones on your walk across the bridge you are facing. The theme of this book is crossing a bridge, not stopping in the middle to build a house. The bridge is the path to your future, and whatever situation you face, your bridge will appear for you because there will be a tomorrow. Use your new assets of pain and struggle as the hard planks to walk across to the new you. Pause here and contemplate what you just read. This excerpt is loaded with wisdom.

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