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The Date The Right 1 guide to staying safe while being on online. While most of our members are sincere and honest in the information they provide, as always exceptions do exist. To counteract this, Date The Right 1 has a diligent Customer Service Team who monitors, checks and verifies each profile created on our site. Every profile you received as been stringently reviewed by a human and verified. This process removes the undesirables and the rogue accounts. In recognition of the sophistication of today’s scammers, here are some additional tips on how you can confirm the authenticity of a profile and protect yourself against fraud

1. Question unrealistic information Really think about what the other person is saying, put 2 and 2 together and if something in your gut is telling you to back off.  DO IT!  Don’t hesitation to notify Date The Right 1 with any concerns as we are willing to check into anything.  No issue is too small.

2. Be mindful of your personal information It is natural to be excited and curious about someone we have met over the internet. We want to learn all we can about them and might prefer to call them as soon as possible to hear the sympathetic voice behind the emails. Before giving out ANY personal information such as your phone number or email address, it is worth reflecting upon that fact that you cannot take this information back. If it is of course essential to exchange personal information, but only proceed if you feel comfortable doing so. If someone is excessively demanding it can be a warning sign.

Beware of users who send you a private email address or links to external website while you are communicating.  It is always safe to stay online using site as a safe way in which to communicate.   These are often the clearest indications of a phishing attempt. Date The Right 1 site is designed with security in mind, we are always monitoring suspicious users’ activities and will alert you accordingly, because of this, communicating via our platform is often the safest way to proceed until you get to know the individual in person.

3. Financial requests If your anyone suggests or requests for you to either make or receive any form of financial payment, cease all contact immediately and report the profile to customer care. This is one of the strongest indicators of a fraudulent account and it often only becomes apparent after initial contact has been made.  NEVER WIRE, SEND OR GIVE MONEY TO A POTENTIAL PARTNER!  Please contact Administration immediately.

4. Don’t rush It is important that you feel comfortable when making the decision to deepen your relationships. Only provide a safe phone number (see below) if you feel safe and comfortable doing so. Do not let yourself be pressured into meeting someone you are unsure of. It is important to explain this to the person and if they do not take your wishes into account it is best to not contact them further.

5. Meeting off the site Should you decide to have a private meeting off the site, it is exciting as this step among others are baby steps towards building further relationships and it is great to be excited about your progress. It is one of the many steps in the process of getting to know others. Even if you feel you have become closer to them via messages and various conversations, you should still remember that this person is still largely a stranger to you. Therefore, it is important that you take the following points into consideration:

Choose a neutral location, such as a coffee shop or a restaurant. Do not go to their house or invite them to yours for the first date.

Tell your friends or someone you trust that you are going on a date and with whom.

Drive yourself to and from the meeting place or take public transportation.

Do not drink too much alcohol.

Do no leave personal belongings unattended.

  More Tips… 

Google Yourself Googling yourself is important when it comes to safely online, because you should know how much of your personal information is readily available to any rando with a working laptop and a strong Internet connection who knows your full name.  Once someone has your full name, what will they find? Check it out.

Don’t Give Your Full Name Out Giving someone your full name in your profile — or even before you meet — immediately gives them digital access to your background.

Get A Google Voice Number There is a way to communicate while simultaneously protecting your cell phone number.  It is recommended to not give out your personal number whether it be a land line or mobile, you can create a free Google Voice number with redirects and automatically rings to the number you list. It’s an app you download that gives you a separate number or google…google voice number.  It’s as simple as downloading this app and getting yourself a free Google voice number. Everything on your phone will work the same, but you’ll just have an easier time blocking people if you need to. Example…When someone calls, it will still ring on your cell phone and you can text through it as well. If things go awry, it’s very easy to block their number.

Don’t Reveal Who You Work For We suggest keeping things as vague as possible.  With Google today, many times your work is very searchable and the address, you and your title could show up.  Last thing you want it someone showing up at your work…it’s best to keep it under wraps, rather talk about what you do, line of work etc.  Then when you are comfortable with the person, share away.

Again…When you are meeting someone off the site Drive yourself to and from or take Public Transportation.  Protect yourself by saving the joint car rides for a later date

We can never say this enough… Don’t Overdo The Booze You want to have a clear head.  It’s much more difficult to stay aware of your surroundings and make good choices. 

Don’t Use Facebook, Instagram or Social Media Photos In Your Profile  Using your Social Media profile picture in any online profile may seem harmless, but it really isn’t. It’s way too easy for someone to run a Google image search on your photos, and in turn, find out a great deal of personal information about you. make sure the selfies you use in your online profile can’t be found anywhere else on the Internet.  Again, search Google images of yourself and see what you find.

We need your help. Contact us if you suspect any profile contains false information or if anyone is behaving in a fraudulent manner.  You can contact us by using the Contract Form on the site or

Email  No information is too small to report, your safety is OUR concern.