Date The Right 1… Our Story

Date The Right 1 was founded by two friends, very much like you, who have struggled with online dating and some of the well-known impersonal dating sites. It was with the culmination of our own personal experiences, where we have lived through the various difficulties and disappointments, that we decided there must be a different and better way…

Together, over many late nights with a glass or two of wine, we discussed and carved out what was working and what needed to be changed and improved in online dating and founded Date the Right 1, Inc.

Based on our personal knowledge and advice from a variety of experts, we have developed concepts, ideas, and improvements that we are certain will make for the happiest, most pleasant, and enjoyable online dating experience for everyone. 

We have carefully chosen a panel of Coaches, Experts/Advisers, and Mentors that together with a growing number of groups and social gatherings, are just some of the many things that are in store for you.

Cece’s expertise in knowing what Singles need today is evident in her growing Singles Network, called Going Solo Network and live- streaming WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio & TV – The Singles Internet Talk Network.  She has helped hundreds adjust to their new Single life in her hometown of Tampa Bay,Fl. Kit Smith is the Author of Let’s Meet Our Match-Your Complete Guide to Success in the World of Internet Dating. They are both fun, personable, and informative people which makes Date the Right 1 a sure-fire hot online dating concept! 

Be sure to catch our several great talk shows on WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio & TV YouTube station.   

Because our world is ever-changing, we welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback. We look forward to hearing from you and both seeing and meeting you at some of the fun events and gatherings.

Throughout all these changes, however, one thing has remained constant – the Date The Right 1 commitment to helping Singles make authentic CONNECTIONS!

Date The Right 1 is not just about viewing and matching, we are all about CONNECTING!


Get ready to start living YOUR Best Life!

Let’s Start Connecting & Dating…

Date The Right 1!