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Why… Date The Right 1?


Who uses Date The Right 1?  Learn more about our Members


Thinking about trying online dating with Date The Right 1 but not sure about who you might meet?  Well you will meet other like-minded individuals who want to meet, have fun and be with the “Right 1”.


Date The Right 1  is not just about dating we are about connecting!


Most of our Members have tried all the other sites but still haven’t been able to make that special connection…Why?  We understand this here at Date The Right 1 which is why we have Mentors who are willing to share their expertise is assisting you in your journey.


Our Members are mature, well-rounded men and women looking for genuine connections.  If this is what you are looking for then this is the right site for you! Read on to discover more about our Members.


Date The Right 1 understands the booming online dating demographic whose percentage has doubled in the last few years: those aged 30, 40 and 50+. That means if you’re dating in your 50s, in your 60s, or beyond, you’ll be in good company on our site.


Our Members are mature, ready to step towards a relationship and want to enjoy living their best LIFE!  Date The Right 1 Members are more mature than most and we are the dating website of choice for those singles looking to join a community of like-minded, interesting men and women as we are more than just a dating site…we are a Singles Community!


What’s more, our Members are a diverse throughout the United States and International, with a wide range of personalities, lifestyles, and hobbies, our Members bring their own flair to our site.   Which means Date The Right 1 can help you to connect with other singles worldwide helping you to build strong friendships within our groups and forums, meeting genuine and interesting people.


As a supportive dating site, we can help you have a better time online!


So why do these single men and women use Date The Right 1?   Simply put, our Members are with us because they’re looking for real connections, from companionship and friendship, to lasting love and even marriage.

Date The Right 1 Members prefer relationship building over fast flings.  Our Mentor are here to help them experience what they so desire while creating an amazing experience along the way.

We accomplish this in many ways….


Firstly, we ask all of our new Members to take our insightful Date The Right 1 personality test. This helps us better understand what each member is looking for in a partner.  From there, our matchmaking process can begin, as we use the test results to make concise compatibility suggestions for our Members. That leaves our users free to chat, communicate – and to find that special person of interest.


Secondly, we help with our Members’ online experience by ensuring those using Date The Right 1 are genuine. Our Customer Care team manually checks the validity of every new profile on the site, ensuring that our Members truly are seeking a meaningful match. It’s part of our effort to make online dating approachable, easy to use and, most of all, successful.


Thirdly, we have a unique support system with our expert Mentors, helping you along the way as you adjust your new life to relationship building.  We offer groups to join and enjoy along with forums to chat, seminars and webinars to further connection.  Making Date The Right 1 a true “Singles Community”.


Dating with Date The Right 1 – technology to suit all our Members


At Date The Right 1 we like to offer our Members a very supportive approach to online dating. With us, there’s no need to join third party social site, instead, we bring potential partners to you, leaving you free to focus on creating a great profile, crafting interesting messages, and – the fun part – planning dates with those you meet on Date The Right 1.


For those Members who do appreciate the more mobile, we also have an easy to use Date The Right 1 dating app. Available for both iOS and Android, our dating app brings you the matchmaking functionality of our desktop site – accessed via the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Whether it’s checking your messages before a meeting, or updating your profile while lounging at the beach, it’s the ideal tool for those who prefer to manage their dating life at a time and place that suit them.


Date The Right 1 is an online dating site designed for those who want to participate in life and beyond. From our streamlined dating app to our supportive service, we’re here to help singles make real authentic lasting connections.


Are you ready to join us – and to meet our great Members? Get started right here.