Going Solo Next Step is all about connecting as we feel understanding and sharing the happy, funny and sometimes very hard times makes us feel not so alone.

On this site you will meet people coping with relationship loss, divorce or separation where we together have meaningful discussions, make everlasting friendships, and support one another along the way. Both men and women are welcome. This is a great group and a great way to make good friends who totally get what your going through.

Together as we step alongside each other we get to know each other and ourselves along the way. We begin to embrace the vision of tomorrow as we embrace on the transition of dating…stepping out into at times into this world of relationship building and oh yes online dating.

We begin to explore a part of our heart which was hurt and closed at times to find the thrill again in the journey of the future!

Our main focus is for adult social interaction, support, fun and friendships. This is NOT a dating forum. We do have friendly fun events, open meaningful discussions on our forum and as we begin to feel we belong. It’s a feeling of family.

It is the social interaction …. great discussions, fun, and support through rough spots where we begin our personal growth. So step forward and begin to take action in your life!

We, men and women, are all in different stages of the process of transitioning into our new life. Going Solo Next Step is where we will take each baby step together. Being Single doesn’t mean you have to be alone.

Come… join in and let’s get started on your new journey!