Internet Podcasts, “LIVE” Streaming & Video Marketing In 2020

Internet is the best way to get your product, service, and your name out in today’s world of business.  Podcasting is essential to business, whether you are advertising, a sponsor, guest, or even a host. 

The key to this type of media exposure is the distribution.  The old saying, throw enough mud on the wall and some may stick or better yet, it is a numbers game and indeed it is.  The more you are seen of course the more exposure you will receive.

Podcasters are savvy today as they can be heard and yes, seen far and wide on social media, but the distribution chain does not stop there.   Podcasters, who were originally an audio format have now brought their talents to video.  Many are “live” streaming on various social media platforms, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn but let us not forget websites and Internet TV platforms.

You will see AM, FM and TV channels getting on board the internet distribution train, along with actors, tv talk show hosts and all forms of media as through the internet they are reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners/viewers daily.

So, what was thought of being silly and a fade of the past is very “REAL” in our future of today.  If you are a business, get on aboard the internet distribution train!


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