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Thinking about joining Date The Right 1 but still have some questions? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here!

Want to connect with other like-minded Singles? Need to know how to access Date The Right 1 login? Curious about the Date The Right 1 ? We’ve answered all these queries and more.


Who uses Date The Right 1?


Those who are experiencing the loneliness of being Single along with having difficulties in transitioning into dating and relationship building.  Singles who want Friends and so much more as they want to participate in the development of their life’s path.  Good for YOU!  Enjoy the social interactive groups, forums, blog, and Coaches/Mentors just start taking your baby steps as you begin moving toward the life you want.  Meeting and making like-minded Friends for connecting, personal growth and learning new skills in building a relationship, then this is the right place for you…join Date The Right 1.


Am I too young or too old for Date The Right 1?


We’re a Single’s connection site, so if you’re of “LEGAL” USA age (18) your good to go!   However, our site is geared towards those who are struggling in relationships and find most of our members are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and YES seniors, mature, and older Singles, meaning that although our members range from a wide span across the United States and International, they have a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles, with one huge thing in common – they’re all want to grow and enjoy Date The Right 1 


How do I join Date The Right 1?


Ready to take the plunge and join Date The Right 1? The registration process is easy!

Start by creating an account and registering your online profile. Simply click the button at the bottom of this article to get started. From there, you will be taken through the joining process step by step.

To get the full effect to Date The Right 1 you will need to choose you package and begin!  Joing the groups of your choice, forums, start listening to WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio & TV shows, join events and begin chatting.


How do I create my Date The Right 1 profile and photos?


One of the best ways to find online dating success is to have a profile. On Date The Right 1 , that’s easy! Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can start filling in your profile section and uploading photos. (Your photo is a requirement).  To do so, simply visit your profile and follow the instructions in each section – you’ll find a mixture of free text fields and drop-down menus that you can customize to let Date The Right 1  Singles Community know more about you.

Uploading photos is also a cinch: head to your profile and click ‘Edit photo’ to change your Date The Right 1  profile picture or choose ‘Add pictures to the album’ to add multiple shots. Just remember to click ‘save’ after any changes you make!  There will be an approval process, but then you are good to go.


Is Date The Right 1  a free site?


It’s free to sign up on Date The Right 1  however, in order to take advantage of the full connection you need to register, choose your package and pay for your desired membership package.  There are several packages in which to meet your needs. 

Many of the personal development groups and forums are free to join after your paid membership, however, there may be some which require a charge.  Also, many of our events are free after paid membership, however, from time to time there may be a charge to cover additional costs incurred. 

Connecting with the Coach/Mentor, according with your membership package you will be given connecting time and thereafter there may be additional charge for connecting.


How do I change my personal information?


Date The Right 1 is an Interactive Singles Community site that treats your online safety and security with the utmost caution. We employ SSL Encryption and a Fraud Detection System as standard across our site, ensuring that your data is in safe hands with us.

What’s more, every new profile that joins our site is manually verified by our Customer Care Team. It’s our way of ensuring that our Single men and women on Date The Right 1 are genuine.

Are profiles censored? Is there any limit to what I can put in my profile?

Yes. All member profiles, when they are originally created as well as when they are modified, must be approved by our webmasters. We reserve the right to refuse any profile or photograph that we feel is inappropriate for this site. Also, we ask that you do not put any personal information in your profile, including, but not limited to your home address, a personal beeper, cell or telephone number, a real e-mail address or personal web address. Any offenders of this rule will be banned from the site.


How do I change my personal information?


Changing personal information is extremely easy. If you would like to update the information about yourself that you submitted during registration, write a new heading and description for your profile as well as editing main criteria for your matches just go to the Update your profile option on My Settings page. There you can edit any part of your personal information; save it by clicking Submit button.  *Once you create your profile and list the wrong sex…this cannot be changed.  Delete your profile and start again.


How do I send an email to members?


After your complete your member registration.  You can send email to users by clicking the button Send a message on that person’s profile or listing. Simply type in your message you wish to send and click the Send button.


How do I recognize scammers?


Scammers can be either MEN or WOMEN!  They will contact you and say anything so if your gut tells you wait a minute…Please do.  Contact our team here at Date The Right 1 immediately.  If your wrong…no worries but it is best to ALWAYS be on the safe side. 

This site is A DATING SITE.  If someone contacts you, seeking love or sending sweet e-mails/messages saying how much in love they are and how much they want to meet you in real life, and you are feeling overwhelmed or pushed by their emails/messages.  JUMP BACK!  Think twice and reach out, share this with our team and we will check into it.  Blocking is a good idea.

For your protection it is best to keep your e-mails/messages on the site, using your profile.  Once you have started contacting off the site, you have lost the protection of being anonymous and scammers can readily get your personal information.

NEVER EVER GIVE MONEY!!!   NEVER EVER GIVE MONEY until you have known someone for a reasonable period…Our suggestion is to NEVER GIVE MONEY that you don’t mind losing!   For further information on scamming we suggest you visit This site runs an excellent database of past and present Scammers, with good advice on what to avoid.


What is the Block List feature?


While viewing members profiles or reading or replying messages in your Mailbox you will have an option to add members to Block List. After you have added someone to your Block List you will not receive any notifications, cards or emails from this member unless you remove him or her from the Block List. This feature helps you limit your contacts with people you don’t really like.


How do I login to my Date The Right 1  account?


Once you’ve created a Date The Right 1  account, logging back in is easy. Simply click on the ‘member login’ box above (or head directly to the homepage), enter the email address and password associated with your account, and hit send. An email will be sent to you to verify your account, if you haven’t received it…check your SPAM account.  Verify your account.  Then, log in and this will take you to your account overview page – from here you can update your profile, see matches, send messages, and more.


I can’t login to Date The Right 1  and/or I have forgotten my password…HELP!


Date The Right 1 login email addresses and passwords are case sensitive, so if you’re having trouble logging into your Date The Right 1 account, start by checking that the caps-lock key is off.

If you’ve checked that your information is correct and still can’t login, or if you’ve simply forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link. This will take you to the reset password page. Enter the email address associated with your account and you will receive an email with a link that will let you reset you’re Date The Right 1 password.


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