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So, you’re asking yourself, why do I need to make a Profile?  Date The Right 1 needed a way to have you connect with others on the site and yes, the best platform is very much like what dating sites use…a profile.

Here are some tips to follow…

A strong, well-built profile may seem a trivial matter initially, but the fact of the matter is that, this is the best way for everyone to get to know you.

A profile creates an essence of your personality giving other members a chance to get to know you, your interests, hobbies…etc.  It allows those who do not know you a chance to learn about what makes you tic. 

This is great as throughout our Date The Right 1 learning experience we begin to understand our JOY, really what makes us happy.  You would be surprised how many as they begin to understand themselves, their interests begin to grow. A true shift begins, plus this allows other members to connect with you as they may very well have the same interests as you.

Date The Right 1…Profile start-up

It couldn’t be simpler to get off the ground when creating you’re Date The Right 1 profile. We’ve worked closely with our website developers and members to refine the process to be as simple and easy as possible, meaning minimum fuss for you, and maximum opportunity to meet other like-minded Singles.

The first step when signing up to Date The Right 1 is to confirm your gender and the gender of your desired partner – this is for fairly obvious reasons, our site is created for all who are in need.  After this member fill out their date of birth, marital status, education level, and other rudimentary information about their life. Once you’ve filled out these basic questions, it’s time for the fun part – the personality questionnaire.

The Date The Right 1 personality questionnaire has been designed based on the five factor model, which examines key elements which comprise people’s personalities. It includes questions on members’ hobbies, interests, beliefs and quirks, and how important each of these is in a prospective partner. The questionnaire takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Then all you need to do is create your opening line!

Date The Right 1 …Creating a dazzling Profile – Key Points

Once you’ve filled out the personality questionnaire, you’ll likely want to begin chatting and meeting other Going Solo Next Step members as soon as possible. Date The Right 1 profiles are deliberately designed to be detailed and rich with information about each Single– we are seeking to provide our members with a connection.

Profile picture – A MUST!

A good up-to-date profile picture allows us to connect.  You know that old saying a picture is worth a thousand words.  All you need it a a simple, well-lit photograph of yourself.  

Tip: Avoid wearing hats and sunglasses in your photos, as they obscure your face.

Why a must – This is another way to ensure you are a person and hate to say the rule whoever signs up first stays.  If your soon-to-be ex/ex signs up and you signed up first, you stay, and they go. (Refund based on the time used will be given).

You are welcome to show more pictures if you want which may showcase your interest extra.  For example, posting an image of yourself, followed by an action shot of your partaking in a hobby or sport you enjoy – if you’re smart, you can convey a lot about yourself using only a handful of images. Totally, up to you. 

However, ALWAYS make sure the photos are clean and respectful.  Beware of the pictures you post making sure there is no private information given.  Such as address signs, phone numbers, etc. 

Your Bio…

In the biography section of your Date The Right 1 profile, you’re free to pen where you’re at in your relationship loss, your transition into dating, etc. Your bio should be original and provide a decent insight into the kind of person you are – use it to say things that the pictures can’t convey alone.  Remember…you’re not alone.  Many of us feel exactly how you are feeling but together we can make a change.

Tip: Errors in spelling and grammar drive everyone crazy!  Spend a couple of minutes to perfect your prose, and your diligence will be rewarded – with more connections!

Your goal in creating your bio is to write something that is personal. Be funny, be witty, be concise, be interesting, and above all, be honest!

The most important aspect of your profile is honesty. Integrity, transparency – these are key. Many of us have been through a great deal and building trust is important.  Remember, you’re meeting online first, and so trust is required if you’re going to meet. The best way to build this kind of trust is to create a thoughtful profile that is honest and open about you which gives a true indication of the person you are.

Any problems or concerns…

Please feel free to contact us 

Date The Right 1 is where you connect, heal and transform – A trusted Singles Connection!