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If this is your first-time online dating, if it’s been a little while since you created an online profile, or you have been on other sites with not so good results it’s always useful to have some knowledge as to the behind the scenes in order to understand how the Date The Right 1 profile creation works.


A strong, well-built profile may seem a trivial matter initially, but the fact of the matter is that, though you may be the most irresistibly charming and aesthetically immaculate individual, this fact becomes irrelevant if your online profile looks like a post office gangster poster. A well-crafted profile will present the very best side of your personality and show off the quirks and interests that make you stand out. And if you’re not sure where to begin, no worries… Date The Right 1  has profile tips and videos to help!


Date The Right 1…Profile start-up


It couldn’t be simpler to get off the ground when creating your Date The Right 1 profile. We’ve worked closely with our website developers and members to refine the process to be as simple and easy as possible, meaning minimum fuss for you, and maximum opportunity to meet other like-minded Singles.


The first step when signing up to Date The Right 1 is to confirm your gender and the gender of your desired partner – this is for fairly obvious reasons.  After this member fill out their date of birth, marital status, education level, and other rudimentary information about their life. Paired with this are several questions on how important certain qualities are in a partner, such as age and education level. Once you’ve filled out these basic questions, it’s time for the fun part – the personality questionnaire.


The Date The Right 1 personality questionnaire has been designed based on the five factor model, which examines key elements which comprise people’s personalities. It includes questions on members’ hobbies, interests, beliefs and quirks, and how important each of these is in a prospective partner. The questionnaire takes between 15 and 30 minutes (its thoroughness allows us to send you brilliantly accurate matches), and after you have filled it out, we’ll have all the information we need to begin sending you potential new romances. All that you have to do from there is think of a witty opening line!


Date The Right 1 …Creating a dazzling Profile –  Key Points


Once you’ve filled out the personality questionnaire, you’ll likely want to begin chatting and meeting other Date The Right 1 members as soon as possible.  Date The Right 1 profiles are deliberately designed to be detailed and rich with information about each Single– we are seeking to provide our members with loving, lasting relationships, and so we have made efforts to leave nothing to chance in the design of our members’ profiles.


Nailing the profile picture


A good profile picture is your golden goose. This is the reference point by which you will be judged first and foremost, and it pays to invest a little effort. Studies into online dating have found that the absence of a profile picture can half your chances of success. It may not be to everyone’s nature to whip out a camera and start snapping some glamour shots, a simple, well-lit photograph of yourself looking relaxed and natural can work wonders. You needn’t get dolled up – looking at ease, natural and cheery is often far more effective than a meticulously posed photo-shoot.


Tip: Avoid wearing hats and sunglasses in your photos, as they obscure your face. This not only hides your lovely face, but also can reduce the likelihood that a potential match would message you. Other dating turn-offs are wearing clothes that are too revealing and appearing in too many groups shot – another member may become confused as to which one of the ensembles you actually are!


More than one photo on your profile is beneficial, as it gives other Singles the chance to see you in different circumstances and surroundings. For example, you could use your photos to showcase a nice full-length image of yourself, followed by an action shot of your partaking in a hobby or sport you enjoy – if you’re smart, you can convey a lot about yourself using only a handful of images.


Tip: Don’t submit to temptation and fall in the trap of selecting an old-but-gold photo of yourself that looks nothing like you do currently. Resist the urge and instead opt for an up-to-date photograph. That way, when heading out on a date, everybody knows exactly what to expect.


Penning the perfect bio


In the biography section of your Date The Right 1  profile, you’re free to pen an ode to how wonderful and desirable you are. Your bio should be original and provide a decent insight into the kind of person you are – use it to say things that the pictures can’t convey alone.


Tip: Errors in spelling and grammar are a big turn off – often emerging victorious as the biggest turn off in all online dating surveys. Spend a couple of minutes to perfect your prose, and your diligence will be rewarded – with more connections!


Your goal in creating your bio is to write something that makes you stand out. Remember, the upside to being on such a popular dating site is that there are far more Singles to choose from. At the same time, however, this means it is important that you make yourself stand out. Be funny, be witty, be concise, be interesting, and above all, be honest!

Tip: Write your dating profile when you’re feeling happy. This may sound silly, but you’d be surprised at the different kinds of Singles you’ll attract, purely through the weight (or lack of) in your words. It’s no easy task to find that perfect balance between dryly funny, warm and passionate while avoiding looking over-enthusiastic, however with a little perseverance, you’ll manage it. For inspiration, check out the profiles of other Singles to see how you could improve your own.


The most important aspect of your profile is honesty. Integrity, transparency – these are key in the world of online dating. After all, you’re meeting online first, and so trust is required if you’re going to meet. The best way to build this kind of trust is to create a thoughtful profile that is honest and open about your intentions, gives a true indication of the person you are, and gives a potential partner all they need to know to decide if the pair of you will get along – and if romance could bloom!

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