Joshua A. Lamothe

Joshua A. Lamothe

Business Consultant

Founder of Grassroots Consulting

West Palm Beach, Florida

My natural intuitive ability to deeply understand human relationships, matched with a talent for communication, organization and design makes partnering with me an ideal solution for everyday people starting their own journeys into entrepreneurship. My keep-it-simple approach and compassionate coaching style cuts through the confusion of information overload and provides people with clarity on exactly who they want work with, how they can best support their customers and the genuine worth of themselves and their services.

Through personal development training, Buddhist psychology and yoga meditation, while pondering how I could most benefit people, I realized that what I love most about my job as a business consultant is helping people in practical ways to reduce and eliminate stress. I designed a process that helps people better understand their Non-Negotiables, their Negotiables and their Ideals (what they will absolutely say “NO” and “YES” to) by exploring what causes them stress and determining practical actions to create more ease in their personal and professional life . As a result, my clients significantly increase their income, fortify romantic relationships and strengthen connections with friends and family.

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