Lindy Rouse

Linda “Lindy” Rouse

Social Director/Event Coordinator for Date The Right 1
Leading Interactive Social Dating Website

Tampa Bay, Florida

Connecting Singles who want to have and begin living their BEST Lives!

Lindy has an extensive background in Social Work & Social Behavior, and is very passionate about family and friends,
mental health awareness, healthy living and lifestyles, along with creative writing.

Former writer for “Royal Tampa Bay”, a website focused on informing Baby Boomers of mature entertainment venues and events in the Tampa Bay area.

Currently is happily involved in the local Tampa Bay music scene and writes for her own website and Facebook page dedicated to keeping everyone informed and providing information about a variety of
entertainment and social events.

Message…“I am excited about planning events to gather together single men and women for the purposes of
recreation, amusement, entertainment, and of meeting that Right 1!”