Christine Baumgartner

Christine Baumgartner

Dating and Relationship Coach

Orange County, California

Are you finding yourself in the same unsuccessful
relationships over and over again?

Has online dating seemed like a waste of time?
Do you wish you had someone to share your interests with?

For over 10 years Christine has been helping singles
turn their dating lives from frustrating to fun and ultimately find the love they desire and deserve, and she’d like to help you.

Before transitioning to her own coaching company, Christine was a top relationship coach for John Gray (Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus).

She then combined her John Gray experience with her own personal dating and relationship experience to become the expert she is today.

Boost your confidence around the opposite sex by learning their language so you can better understand them.

Create a profile that conveys what makes you uniquely appealing and attracts only the type of people you want to date.

Address fears, deal with heartbreak from past relationships, and remove the blocks that have kept you single.

Learn to date from both your heart and your head. Stay true to yourself throughout the dating process. Meet a special person to share your life with!