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Welcome to Date The Right 1!

We are the innovative dating site with the “personal touch” as we are an online “interactive social” dating website.

Much of our decision to create Date The Right 1 is a culmination of our own personal experiences, some positive and some very negative. Just like you, we have lived through the various difficulties and disappointments that, until now, other dating websites have presented.

Our carefully chosen panel of experts coaches/advisors/mentors are available to help you with some of those difficult and questionable steps along your dating journey.  As we have found the more “interactive” you are in creating a shift in your life, positive results will occur.

As you begin relationship building you will enjoy Date The Right 1 social activities designed to connect you with other like-minded individuals to make great ever-lasting friends.  Together we all have fun in the growing number of social groups and gatherings both in your location and online.
This and so much more is in store for you!

Date The Right 1 is not just about viewing and matching, we are about CONNECTING, having FUN and helping you move forward in your life!     Yes, with the RIGHT 1!


YOUR…Advisors and Mentors. Just Ask A Question!